Friday, January 31, 2014

Maya Shor- artist statement!

I am an aspiring media maker in search of the hidden wonders of the world, that we ignore or pass by in our fast paced lives. I search for the weird looking trees, and the funny looking people, and the polka dotted skies. I hope to inspire others to look at life through different lenses.The advent of the digital age has allowed aspiring artists like me to explore anything and everything.

I am a photo-freak. I always have my camera close at hand. If an unexpected animal darts across the road, I am ready. If a Willow tree sways in the violent winds, I am ready. If a small child giggles over their first ice cream cone, I am ready. My hope is to catch the little moments. Moments that might seem trivial to others but are fascinating to me.
I see the brick in the wall that’s a different shade than the others. I see the flower in the grass that has one less petal than its companions. My eyes are attuned to the outliers. I see what stands out. I see the ugly amongst the beautiful and I see the beautiful amongst the ugly.

In this day and age, all it takes is one click on a cellphone, a digital camera or even a tablet to create a lasting memory. There is no reason to miss one weird moment or funny moment or sad moment. I believe in documenting everything because everything is worth documenting.

Watch out world, Im coming for you!

I have attached two photos of mine below. Enjoy!


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