Thursday, March 27, 2014

Blog #2 Saraa Elkhaloui

I chose to take my walk around my neighborhood in Bensonhurst. I have always enjoyed my walks around the area because it is quite but not completely silent. As I was walking I paid attention to the sounds and realized that the neighborhood may have an infestation of birds. The chirping of the birds continued throughout my whole walk. Honestly, most of the time I ignore the chirping and it zones out as I make my way to my house. However, as I paid more attention I realized that THEY NEVER STOP! Interestingly dogs that are being walked by their owner are much quitter than the birds.  I didn’t actually hear any dogs bark while I walked around. 
         Other sounds that I found to be interesting as I took my walk, was the sound of heels on placement. I realized that it agitates me more than the non-stop chirping of birds. However, there was also a house with wind chimes outside, and it produced a beautiful melody. The wind was strong on that day and very hectic, making some tree branches shake. As the cars passed by in the wind at high speeds, the swooshing of the wind would be interrupted. Overall, the area was quite, with the occasional conversation of a girl and her father on a bike or a woman on the phone. 
This walk made me realize just how many sounds I ignore on a daily bases. It became apparent that even soundmarks of an area can be bypassed because of the frequency of which I am exposed to them.

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