Friday, March 21, 2014

Blog #2 "What I hear" Upper east Side- Rebecca wang

I live in Upper East Side so I walk to school every day. Every Tuesday morning I have a 7am class, and on the way to school I heard various of sounds.  I heard myself breathing and the wind that was blowing across my hair and tree, also my footsteps panting as the background sound. I heard bird tweeting, cars’ engine sound, and truck that carried/squeezing trash, building construction sound, cars passing by potholes, cars horning, and the NYPD police car siren sound as foreground sounds. The soundmarks that represent the particular community will be the people who walked their dog and the dogs were barking, also the food truck around the neighborhood flipping the food on the iron pan. Because there is a subway station at Hunter college stop, so I heard the train passing by from the drain covers. Also there were a lot of buses near Hunter, so I heard the sounds that door open and close, and the sound of lowering and rising up sound of entire bus. But everything sounds peacefully, not that noisily. Since Upper East Side is a living community, known for residences areas, which compare to downtown is more quiet and peace. But once it gets later in the day, the traffic sounds really annoyed me. Otherwise it’s pretty quiet area in my opinion.   
It is interesting that people in the early morning don't really talk on the phone while walking, and I did not see a lot of conversation either. Sounds were all from cars, constructions, the outside environment, instead of people. Sometimes we are just use to the way it is to be noisy, but once in the while you feel peach and quiet in the city.

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