Thursday, March 27, 2014

Blog #3 Saraa Elkhaloui

I was quite impressed by the Museum of Moving Images. The most memorable part of the visit was the exhibit for the special effects for a Freddy Kruegar movie. This big red shirt was used to get actors inside of it to reenact a scene where souls are being ripped out of Freddy with the use of a spandex like material. The use of video editing in that scene really shows how proper editing of video clips can make something seem more realistic while being esthetically and functionally astonishing. The use of close ups was perfectly complemented by medium close ups of the actor, expression emotions of distress and panic perfectly complementary to previous scenes. 

Another impressive exhibit was the sound analysis of the movie the Titanic. The use of animal sound in the track was shocking and only slightly noticeable when the audio is completely isolated and examined closely.  The fact that a lion’s roar and the sound of an elephant were used to make a scene seem more dramatic was quite shocking. It made absolutely no scene that animal sounds would be used for water warp hole and metal falling. It was impressive to see how the manipulations of sounds actually worked with the film to make it the dramatic exclamation of events become expressed to the audience members. I will definitely like to analyze sounds used in blockbuster films more closely because it is an impressive skill to be able to inset animal sounds to footage and go unnoticed. 

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