Thursday, March 20, 2014

"What I Hear"(soundwalk)blog assignment--Zehui Liu

      When starting this soundwalk, Initially I was having a bit of hard time choosing the ideal place. Midtown was my top one choice since I could absorb the variety of sounds but I ended up with choosing the area near my place(uptown, east side) which is quieter than midtown of course plus I thought I could pay more attention on detailing the sound maybe.
      As I was slowly walking down the street, I could hear some high school students yelling and laughing at each other even though they were half block away from me. Various sound of cars crossing by, through the blare of wheels, horns, engine hums. Then there was the sound came from far away, it was a great tooting and clanging and sooner a fire engine was rumbling. But when its getting closer to me, I covered my ears a bit since the fire engine sound is too loud that I couldn't be able to handle. As I kept walking, there was a man carrying his spinner suitcase slowly walking ahead, the fricative sound between the wheels and the ground was constant till I heard the beeping sound of the truck is reversing. Then, the clip-clop like sound came closer and closer, as I turned around, it was the sound of horse hooves making unusual sound on the road full of vehicles. People were cheering at the bar, the wind-blowing sound, woman’s high heels crunching on the ground...After all, even though each sound was normal and typical, what makes it unique is the different combination of all those various sounds and one can absorb differently as they are walking under the same atmosphere.

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