Friday, March 21, 2014

Blog #2 "What I Hear" Stevie Borrello

As the weather gets nicer by the day I become more and more giddy, because it means I can walk from class back to my apartment without freezing to death. Most of the time I’m plugged up listening to music while I make the 75-block trek back home, but this last time I wanted to just enjoy my surroundings. At first I mostly heard the passing traffic, consisting of honking horns and speeding cars, as well as the typical hustle and bustle of passerbys. But then I paused and heard the footsteps of people walking behind me, which became louder and louder the closer they got. Some sounded quicker than others, and those people passed me at quick pace. There was also the constant clicking of my boots every time they hit the sidewalk. At first it sounded very obnoxious, but after a few minutes it became a background noise to me and it almost put me in a hypnotic state. I also think people don’t realize how loud they are when they talk on the phone or have a conversation with someone they’re walking with, because I heard a lot of different conversations of people passing by. But I think the sound that struck me the most were the moments when I was walking uptown on 5th Avenue and there was silence. It was the moments when not many people are around to hear constant footsteps, or the drone of traffic in the distance. It was at those times I could hear the children playing in Central Park or hear the air pass through the streets. The walk reminded me that the city does have its peaceful moments of solitude amidst all the chaos.

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