Friday, March 21, 2014

What I hear- stand clear

As I sit on the wooden benches darkened from dirt in the 42nd street train station I was irked by a woman to my left popping her gum. Over and over again the smacking noise persisted joining the loud, sensual beat of the 90's best r&b love songs coming from the man sitting on my right as he blasted tunes on his headphones. Announcements ring through the dingy subway walls: " due to construction, the A train will not be going to Brooklyn. We are sorry for the inconvenience." "FUCK, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW", yells an angry deep voiced man. I hear his footsteps pitter patter faster. He runs out of the station. "Clunk"-what sounds like a metal can is kicked into the train tracks. "Hey man, what's up I haven't seen you in so long! Whatcha Doin here at this time? Think the last time we chilled was at jack's party. We got so wasted bro!" "Yeah man I miss you let's walk and talk." Their voices began to fade. I heard a "haaaaaay mami, ju lookin right tonight!"directed towards me. I proceed to ignore him and he says to his friend: "wassssss wrong with girls man. Act like ju not even there." As he proceeded to complain The Slow, faint rumbling occurs-the train. Wheels screech in an intimidating sound as the train moves toward the station and comes to a stop. My shoes obnoxiously clank from the sound of my heels as I step in. "Stand clear or the closing doors please."

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