Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Blog 2 - 'Sound Walk'

I decided to take my sound walk on my way to work in Soho on a Friday afternoon which, I know, is probably a bad idea. If you don’t know why then good, you should probably continue to read the post so I can tell you. It was a bad idea because it was at an hour when students have been let out of school, so I had the benefit of listening to after school conversations. From a sociological point of view this was awesome cause social interaction is great and we need it, but - I heard a lot of things from a lot of mediocre people. The details of which involved personal drivers and cursing in other languages (yeah out of state NYU students, you’re obviously so smart and cool. I’m glad their parents are funneling in that fifty grand a year so that native new yorkers like myself get to listen to those oh so smart and humble children talk about the important things in life like knowing how to curse in Korean or French). Going on the sound walk reminded me of why I don’t like to walk around the city and listen to other people because of my patience and how vexing people can be. It also makes me actively aware of the things that get said in day to day life, it makes me contentious of the things I say and it makes for great material in stories. So A+ NYU, thank you for providing characters for my writing. 

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