Thursday, May 29, 2014

Aronson Awards Extra Credit Post

The Ceremony for the Aronson Awards was filled with inspirational speeches, examples of exemplary advocate journalism and brilliant writers in the field. Thought the ceremony was small it had a lifetime full of wisdom presented. One presenter did a documentary film called After Trayvon where he spoke with black men on how it was to live in a wealthy neighborhood. The creator gave an anecdote about how when he first moved to Brooklyn he felt uncomfortable passing black men on a stoop made him stiffen and feel uncomfortable. I was able to speak to him later in the event and saw through his work and personality how brave he was to say something that isn't but needs to be said, how stereotypes lead people to think certain thoughts and can even alter lifestyles and in some tragic cases such as Trayvon Martin's, their lives. Another prestigious writer who received an award, David Carr who writes for the New York Times spoke of how he was once homeless and built his way up using handwork, talent and   knowledge. His perseverance was awe-inspiring since he literally came from nothing to greatness.

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