Thursday, May 15, 2014

Blog #4 by Saraa Elkhaloui



The clip I decided to due my blog on is this speech given by Daenerys from Game of Thrones. In this clip there is very little use of additional audio and musical tracks, however it is important to note the complete silence occupied only by her voice for most of the clip. It is apparent that the audio track was added to this scene separately after shooting because of environmental factors. For example the wind would have accounted for some noise that may have resulted from shooting the scene outside.  However, listening very closely a very low note can be detected and it slowely eculztes as she makes her speech. It is also important to not that the first sound we are introduced to in the clip, is the sound of the wooden barrels being launched. This sound could have been recorded on site at close range and repeated. However, the sound of chains as the launchers are moved forward was most likely added by a foley artist with the use of chains to use the sound effect. Another sound added by the foley artist is like a fan at slow motion (to me), right before she commands them to fire.  After this drums play in the background accompanied by simple acoustics of human voices. The collective screaming of the men and women was probably recorded once and added onto the clip at different volumes. The chains falling to the ground was probably recorded separately by a foley artist. When the chains hit the wall it like balloons popping and a mix of chains to make the allusion of the chains falling.

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