Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Museum of the Moving Image - Visit Reflections

March 28, 2014. I must say, I spent the most valuable and memorable hours in this museum. If you had asked me if I cared to go to a museum a couple of years back, I would have nodded my head without hesitation. Today, art and the history and culture that comes with the latter is of primordial interest to me as I strive to better myself and take as much knowledge as I can following the guidance of revered philosopher, James Mills.

The few times I had been to Astoria was to visit my cousin, and that usually entails an 8 minute walk from the train station to her apartment and back to the train station and to my dorm. This, however, was an entirely different experience. I felt refreshed as I dragged myself out to get to work shortly after my visit.

First of all, Sesame Street is my all time FAV show, so finding out that it was shot in Queens was a pleasant surprise. Besides the numerous surprises I discovered while I was there; the staff at the museum were wonderful and incredibly helpful - I couldn't have walked out of a museum more knowledgeable than when I walked out of this one.

Jim Campbell's exhibition, Rhythms of Perception was incredibly inspiring; we are often presented with work that fits the norm when it comes to resolution, but Campbell took it to another level with his low resolution videos. His use of computers and other technology devices is a wake-up call for the endless opportunities for creativity that we have as human beings. I walked out with a memorable epiphany: anything is possible when you set your mind to it. His innovative nature reminded me that things do not have to be used for a single purpose, but instead, anything can be used to create, and recreate, aspects of nature.

My ultimate favorite of his works was the Last Day in the Beginning of March. The title is intriguing and the artwork itself is one you don't want to take your eyes off of as it is original and innovative. 26 light bulbs were suspended as they swayed with a combination of original sounds that evoked the feelings and memories of Campbell's brother's last day, hence the title of this unique artwork.

Overall, my visit to the Museum of the Moving Image is one I will cherish forever, and I plan on dragging every creative soul to this gem every chance I get.

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