Monday, May 19, 2014

Sounds of the City

As I make my way down 14th street, with no headphones in my ears, I hear the sounds of the city and the city’s people. To my left a woman walks in her 5 inch stilettos clicking-and-clacking, chatting away on her cellphone. To my right a group of girls are giggling about a good looking man walking beside them, while their footwear is flipping-and-flopping. As I approach Union Square I begin to hear the drums and bells used by the Hare Krishna worshipers. The closer I walk to the group on the ground, the louder the music and chanting becomes. I continue to walk and as usual the street venders are all trying to sell their products, bargaining with passers-by. A man selling beauty salon promotional packages asks me, “Excuse me, Miss, when was the last time you got your hair done professionally?” Having lived in New York City for the past 6 years, I already know that this is a rip off and I am not interested, so I politely tell him “I’m broke, no thanks” and continue walking. I make my way through the park and as I pass each bench I hear bits and pieces of different conversations. A man and a woman, who appear to be co-workers, are talking about 'work ethic', a young couple confesses their love for one another, and a man on his cell phone is talking about a meeting he had earlier in the day. In the background I hear some dogs barking and birds chirping. And as I make my way out of the park I am greeted by the sounds of city traffic; a girl is yelling for a taxi, the sound of a bus stopping, and of course the honking of horns, belonging to drivers in a hurry.

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