Friday, May 9, 2014

blog #4

I chose the scene from 'Chinatown' when Jake discovers Ida's deceased body at her home.

By using different camera angles, movement, and shot types, the scene at Ida's house from the film 'Chinatown' provokes heightened drama and suspense. The scene begins from an objective point of view of Jake arriving at Ida’s house. At the beginning of the scene, a long shot is used to show Jake walking towards the front door. The objective POV and the long shot are used to establish Jake neutrally in the environment. The camera is positioned in a high level angle. This suggests Jake’s possible weakness in the environment and the dismal nature of the situation he is walking in to. The camera angles used shows Jake’s relation to the camera and surrounding objects. The camera is then positioned at eye level, showing Jake’s side profile at the front door and his confused reaction to something. The camera then tilts to what Jake is reacting to: the glass broken on the front door. Jake opens the front door and the camera pans up and is positioned at eye-level again. While Jake enters the house, the camera is positioned behind him. He is positioned on the right side of the camera within the shot and the left side shows the living room. The camera moves around the house as Jake does, following him wherever he goes. This once again establishes Jake in the setting and allowing him to not be dominated by the setting. He is still supposed to be the central focus.  This sequence of objective and subjective shots are used to show varying vantage points throughout the scene. 

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