Friday, May 9, 2014

Keiko Yara: Blog 4 Scene Analysis

Project: Library Episode 1
A team of Youtubers came together to create an action packed thriller mocking the Hollywood standard of major motion pictures. When a library is in danger of being closed down, the library manager, along with the employees, will fight to find a way to save the library.

The video opens up with the a shot of a boy going up a spiral staircase. The shot is taken from a high angle that paired with intense orchestral music creates a very intense and dramatic atmosphere. There is one scene in which there is a boy who is being confronted by his grandfather. A high angle is used to make the child look more vulnerable and emphasizes the fact that he is a victim or being treated poorly.
During the same confrontation, the grandfather is shot from a low angle to make him appear more powerful or of a higher status or position. The different angles, along with the music and sound effects, come together nicely to create a very intense atmosphere.

The video uses point of view shots in a very seamless way that keeps the pace going. One point of view shot in particular that I enjoy is where one of the characters of is looking at himself in the mirror while brushing his teeth while on the phone. What I enjoy about it is that the actor is looking at himself instead of at the camera. The shot was taken well because there are no signs of the production in the reflection of the mirror. In the same scene there are shots from outside the bathroom and peeking in. It shots make it seem like the audience is eavesdropping on the conversation.

There is a shot that include some big scary men to intimidate one of the characters. The artistic decision to hide the faces of the men creates a very mysterious and intimidating aspect that adds to the purpose of the overall story. The shot is also a point of view shot because it is showing the men's target.

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