Friday, May 9, 2014

Latch- Disclosure

In the music video of Disclosure's song,"Latch" close up shots start the film focusing on the actors' faces and hands. There are sharp cuts that occur to show the 3 main couples in the video. The build up of lingering looks accumulates from shot to shot. Long, wide shots are often used through out the video to give the viewers a sense of surrounding. This component helps contrast the different love stories that are taking place. For one couple it is a more intimate story within the confinement of their apartment bedroom, for another it is an exciting and budding romance at a party (the audience can see the other guests at the party that exchange the same infectious look of love), and the last couple heightens their affections within an elevator with the coming and going of people who enter it. To show the intimacy of the stories more close up shots are used when the couples kiss during the chorus of the song. During the rest of the verses slow motion is used to build upon the scenes in preparation for the climax of the song. I think this effect really gives the video a level up in evoking emotion from an audience. It is reminiscent of how it feels to be in that moment with a significant other; every move they make is received by their partner through exchanged looks and a subtle touch. Eventually at the end of the video the camera focuses solely on the actors as there is just a black background and the actors are the only ones lit. They are on a spinning device that adds to the character of how immersed they are in their relationships. In some shots I believe a camera that is running around them in circles as well to add for the effect. Bokeh is another great tool used to add color and to immerse the couples in their own world; they only see each other.

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