Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rebecca wang Blog #4

Naughty Boy- La La La ft. Sam Smith 

This music video is a great example of story telling. The video is about 4 minutes long, it 's on youtube. The story is based on Wizard of Oz, but it's a boy version of it. I like the scene when the boys father was yelling at the boy ( in the beginning of the video). The editing techniques in the music video really enhanced the storytelling and continuity. The ways be used are: Some sequences is in one individual shot, used a lot of zoom in to create the dramatic feelings, used different perspective/ point of views, and the relationship with music is matching (lyric and action), also it had a lot of close up shot following the thirty degrees rule (or 180 degrees rule), these all helps to make the story to better understand and make the image more vivid.  

I really like the used of zoom in and slow motion, it creates a feeling of torture, and the close up shot gave a rich feeling of emotions. Another important thing I learned from this final project and this video is, to make the story smooth, the  different footages of same scene should be cut on actions.  
The composition in this video is nice, there were foreground, background, and the midground (main subject). The color of this video was plain and a little dark, even tough there's a scene in the bright desert, viewers can still feel the loneliness while watching it. Overall it's just a really emotional piece of work, along with the music makes it more emotional, I like it a  lot.

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