Monday, May 19, 2014

Short Film Comments Blog 4

Short Film: Bad Motherf***** by Biting Elbows

This action-film/music video is uniquely shot in a mostly first-person view. The video keeps the viewer thinking its fast paced even though some shots are slowed. There are several edits that are well done such as when taking the dead men out of the care and then climbing in the car, the edits make it appear as if it were done in one shot and that filming is consistent even while shifting views. Some scenes are brilliantly slowed down to add effect to the high speed action, such as the scene where he jumps onto a man's body, a slight slow-motion has been added to the clip to show the actor spewing blood so it would be more apparent. My favorite scene has to be when the main character is thrown off the building into a hole that does inside the building and he falls about three flights until his arms catch a pole to hang onto.  The music also added to the speed and flow of the film, the beginning was ironic and gave a sense of death coming since it was so slow and soothing juxtaposed with a violent, rough fight.

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