Monday, May 12, 2014

MoMI Blog 3 - Joanne Mariano

I went on Mother's Day with my mom and my sister. It was our first time there. I loved how my mom's admission was free. The white presentation on the first floor makes everything feel so wide and clean. I loved that they explain every single important aspect of what it really takes to create a film. My favorite parts of the museum were the sound, visual effects, and cinematography sections. I loved the exhibit that explained the history of Kaufman Astoria Studios. I never even knew famous shows like The Cosby Show and Sesame Street were filmed here in my own borough.

My favorite exhibit was that of Jim Campbell's: Perceptions of Rhythm. I loved the poem of his brother who died. He used text and representations of light to add to the effects of the text. It was really sad, inspiring, deep, and creative.

I would definitely recommend this place, and I see myself returning in the near future.

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