Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blog 4-Stevie Borrello

I chose a scene from one of my favorite films, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The editing was crucial in this scene because it was one of Jim Carrey’s last memories of Kate Winslet and it had to depict the memory slowly crumbling away. The shaky camera movements illustrate the sense of the viewer being part of the memory and seeing it firsthand. The sound also sets the tone of the scene, with it being a windy night on the beach, when it seems as though everything is falling apart. When the music begins to start playing in the background it makes the audience feel as though the conflict is finally going to be resolved, and that soundtrack is actually what moves me the most every time I watch this scene. It makes you feel like there is hope and things might actually work out. The cuts in the scene are fluid but they also begin jumping at times towards the end, almost the depict how it is right before a person is waking up from a dream and slowly forgetting what is happening in it. I think another amazing aspect of the editing is when the house begins to fall apart and get carried away by the ocean, to illustrate the dream coming to an end. The color is also dark with a single light illuminating the actors’ faces to bring on the feel of the still night on the beach. The entire scene is very moving and I always get chills when I watch it.

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