Friday, May 2, 2014

Blog 4 - Kill Bill

I chose to analyze a scene from Kill Bill. I chose the "Bride vs Crazy 88" scene, for the camera is constantly following every detail of the battle. The camera revolves around the main character. This is done to give a visual of all of the opponents surrounding her. A close up of her face is provided after each devastating blow in order to emphasize the concentration and effort being put into the battle. The camera is constantly switching angles and moving with the character to show the intensity and agility in which the film maker wants the viewer to realize. The shots change rapidly, but the shot increases in length when showing the lethal blow. a variety of short shots are placed together to emphasize the velocity of her moves. The contact being made is typically last longer in order to glorify the the action. The cuts are obvious, for the filmmaker wants Theres no music in the start of the fighting scene. The only sounds used are sound effects of swords connecting, blood splattering, and men screaming in agony. Heroic and Adventurous music are used to drive the story. Music begins when the main character views her main target. The velocity of the cuts increases with the music. This is done to emphasize the action. The ending part of the scene in the blue room sets the tone for the scene, for it shows the characters as mere shadows fighting in the dark. It symbolized the entire scene in this small portion, for all of her opponents are similar. The absence of color diversity forces the viewer to foes on the battle aspect.

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