Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Brought to you by: Ricky Saiz

Beyonce nearly brought the house down with her new album. She surprised everyone. And when I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE... even the director of the sexiest music video on her album - Ricky Saiz.

Video director and filmmaker, Ricky Saiz is not only the director of Beyonce's very sexy music video, Yonce, but he is also the co-head designer and co-head of creative for the iconic hip-hop clothing brand Supreme.

The video epitomizes a lo-fi character, one that is embedded in reality with handheld, old film cameras. The aspect that keeps me coming back to this video is the raw nature of it all - it is very natural, very raw, very New York. Even when you compare this video to other ones on this self-titled album, this one sticks out as being the realest and the truest of them all, and this is due in part to its stylistic approach. Victoria Secret models Jourdan Dunn, Chanel Iman and Joan Smalls were a wonderful addition to the establishment of this effect.

Stylistically speaking, the close-up shots of varying body parts gave us an insider look of the voyeurism that was taking place. These shots make us feel like we are a part of this 'party', from the fishnets to the shoulder and an extreme close up of Beyonce's breasts, we are brought into this very sexual session that these girls and Beyonce are taking part in. It's sexual, but appropriate at the same time. Beyonce keeps it classy, of course (she is not Miley...).

The best shot, in my opinion, is that of Beyonce's gyrating action at 1:17. How many takes did this shot require, you may ask? Two. Yes, you read right. She's a natural! Ricky Saiz has said that nothing was choreographed, and his brilliant self was able to capture such a splendid shot, a memorable one, indeed.

Fun fact: Justin Timberlake is drumming on a bucket in the background. Hard to believe, huh? Check the production credits! ;)

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