Saturday, May 17, 2014

Blog 4

The scene that I have chosen to analyze is from the 1985 movie "Back to the Future" staring Michael J Fox. In the scene, Marty  punches antagonist Biff in the face after Biff tries to beat Marty's father up. Afterwards, Biff and his group of friends try to chase Marty down to get revenge on him. The scene involves a few instances where continuity editing needed to be precise, including when Marty  runs on top of Biff's car, and when he trips over the woman waking down the street.

This type of scene proves how important it is to have editing that is on point, or it would negatively impact the suspense of the scene. Because it is a high-energy chase scene, then shots are relatively short and cut very quickly to one another. In addition to fast cuts, there is always something moving in the shot, even if it is only a background character. This is important because if action is not present in a shot, it will lose its buildup of suspense to the scene.

The music I  the scene is also high-energy. The song that plays is the same one that plays any time throughout the film when the audience is supposed to root for Marty. The familiar, successful tune gives the audience hope that Marty will escape the chase, but because it is fast paced, it still allows excitement to grow during the scene. The careful editing was essential to this scene, and worked well to make it an iconic part of the film.

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