Friday, February 21, 2014

Adobe Media Endcoder

Converting Files in Adobe Media Encoder
(turning .mod into .mov)

1) Insert SD card into computer.

2) Organize your folders on your drive!
- Project 1 folder/raw files (from camera)  encoded files (from media encoder)

2) Open Media Encoder.

3) Uncheck the little box that says “Auto encode watch folders” at the top.

4) Select output destination - Adobe Media Encoder>preferences>check the empty box for destination folder and select browse and choose the destination folder.

3) Drag the raw MOD files into the Queue in Adobe Media
Encoder which is the large window on the left.

*you can click on “arrange to view”  by “kind” and then all the MOD files will appear
together so that you can shift select all and drag all of them into the Queue at the same

5) Under Format choose Quicktime from the drop down menu.

7) Press the green play button to begin converting.

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