Sunday, February 2, 2014

Joanne Mariano - Artist Statement

Bringing hope and meaning into everyday people's lives is what drives me as an impending film major. There is just something fascinating about the human body, the human mind, and its soul. Not only am I intrigued by the different cultures and beliefs around the world, but the interaction from one person to another is what captivates me. Having grown up in New York City my whole life, I have always been surrounded by such a great diversity. I have noticed, every day, the struggle that people go through, from seeing the poor begging for change, to my own middle-class parents who are pressured to make ends meet in order to pay for rent and school tuition. I want to help heal the unspoken brokenness and loneliness people may feel within the silence of their hearts.

After losing a friend of mine to a car accident, I have realized how much life is really worth protecting and preserving. I want to help people know how much of a blessing it is to be alive and to not take it for granted. I want to reassure people that they matter and that their lives are worth more than what they make of them. I do not know exactly where my film projects will take me, but I plan to take a strong, positive approach that will hopefully elicit inspirational emotions within my viewers.

Top of the Rock - January 24, 2013

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