Friday, February 7, 2014

Crafting With Intention- Natasha Pearson Artist Statement

Journeying across the sea, never looking behind me

In a chaotic world the mind is constantly pulsing with the concerns and emotions of ordinary human life. The uncomplicated, minimalist, clean and orderly nature of my art encourages a sense of calm in the mind where all people can interpret the depictions they are observing. My work challenges the desire to clutter a frame with unnecessary distraction; a place where white space is welcome. Through my use of lines and color I hope to draw the minds eye in, to focus on the present and drown out the rest. Lines help to draw attention toward something and color acts as the sort of "x" for the place which the viewer is being lead. Placement is also critical for conveying the meaning of my art. These critical elements are things which will easily allow observers to identify and appreciate my work.
Much of my art is the rejection of the elements I feel distract from the meaning and purpose of a work; a concept presented to me under the Guidance of Mark Mullin, Lead Designer at Cleary Gottlieb Steen and Hamilton and Associate Professor at Parsons School of Design. This approach enables the story and ideas to shine as much as the design elements because the art enhances the purpose and does not consume it. Most importantly my art is accessible; subject to interpretation but easily interpreted. Welcome artists and non-artists alike.

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