Thursday, February 6, 2014

Kristina Garcia - Artist Statement

Composition is a vital tool in framing one's perception of art, and even of the world around them. As a photographer, I am always wondering how to set up a shot within the viewfinder. I wonder about what story I want to tell, or what should be emphasized. I like to focus on photography because I'm enthralled with it's ability to contain so much information within a single image. Without dialogue, movement, or the sort of access a medium such as video can provide, a photo can still tell an entire story within itself.
I'm interested in the music industry, specifically in the behind the scenes of the business side of the industry. I enjoy the idea of being able to help someone with a dream, helping them spread their music around the world. I enjoy watching musicians finally being able to perform in front of a crowd of people after months of promotion, practice, and patience. Music has always been inspiring to me, as it is for many people. I'm specifically inspired by hip-hop music, I believe being a great hip-hop artist involves being a great storyteller. The stories of struggle often found in rap and hip-hop is inspirational, and the actual music found in the genre is so innovative and constantly evolving, just as I hope to as a person and artist.
With my art, I hope to provide people with a perspective they may not have thought about before. I want to challenge the way ordinary, every day scenes or situations are perceived. I want to provide the background for a broken down object. I want to help tell a story for someone who may not know how to.

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