Friday, February 7, 2014

Zehui Liu--Artist Statement

Coming to New York City with a different culture background brought me strong curiosity and also excitement in experiencing this cultural and linguistic diversity. I used to love showing on the stage and presenting myself to other people. Hosting school activity and playing in school drama when I was little till being a singer of the band and performed in the school Christmas party during my first year in high school, these are all the little turning points which are unforgettable to me and somehow influenced my path towards media studies. I’ve always addicted in listening to classical piano music(I know that sounds kind of boring to many people) not because they were written by those talented composers but because to see how they brought influence on the audience and somehow interact with their emotions and thoughts. I feel the connection between media and music is that they both aimed in interacting with people’s thoughts and bring joy to the majority and let the composer or director’s perspective reach to the crowd which is something that people won’t easily forget.

I think once you are interested in something, you can perform the best of it. Once I took the class in high school(which is seems to be the documentary making class)and that changed my point of view a lot. Not because I wanted to further my studies in filmmaking, but because I found myself the motivation in finalizing my thoughts towards media production, I want to produce something which can make people feel joyful and enjoyable, I’m willing to provide something which can last longer in audiences’ minds. Obviously this seems too simple and a little bit silly but that’s what I’m trying for because I think success is to repeatedly done those simple things.

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