Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jacob Cintron - Artist Statement

My medium of choice is photography. My photography is divided between two main focuses; being able to capture quiet, concise moments in New York City, to stand in contrast with its reputation for being "the city that never sleeps", and to catch quick, humorous moments that differ from the angry and unruly face so many people have put on the city. I believe that unposed portraits, or taking pictures of people without any prior warning, allows one to capture a truer picture of that person's personality.

In the future, I hope to shoot fine art photography as well as photojournalism abroad. Fine art photography draws my interest as to how much one can do to bring a creative vision to life for an image. Photojournalism on the other hand combines my passion to create interesting and compelling photographs with my desire to travel and immerse myself in other cultures.

Though they have very little to do with what I currently shoot, some of my favorite photographers include Philipe Halsman, for his fun, lively "Jump" series, Ray K. Metzker, for his sleek, minimalistic style of photographing his subjects and Elliott Erwitt, for his often comedic and always unique way of viewing the world.

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