Sunday, February 2, 2014

Quentin Jackson 160 Blog

At a very young age I was exposed to violence on the big screen. My mother sheltered nothing from me as a young moviegoer. It's the drama that forever possesses me, the hieght of emotion portrayed in motion picture that gives the audience that tingle in the spine, that suspense that draws you at the edge of your seat. I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I graduated High School, but it dawned on me that film and the masters who controlled its spectrum was all that I know. I have an uncanny memory of credits to Hollywood giants and their achievements. These statements are debatable in discussion but what’s true is at 5 years old Stephen King’s Misery was my first movie, and I was mesmerized. Kathy Bates and her ruthlessness made horror thriller one of the most important challenges to achieve when I've finally reached the title of Director.  It is a dream realized after interning as a Production Assistant for Clifton Bell at The GhettoNerd Network. Once an intern for the iconic film director Spike Lee my experience with Mr. Bell challenged me as I watch him capture history with a Digital Red One camera. I knew that this dream isn’t far-fetched but very possible for me.
After receiving my A.A. in Communication in media arts degree I started a small media company, which gained profound experience in interviewing, promoting, and networking.  Media being an ever-growing entity because the Internet and its application devices, my love for feature film, no excuse me my hunger for film continues. Being a Freelance photographer and videographer has nurtured my client services skills to elevate from hip-hop artists to celebrity socialite. Now interning for one of the top post-houses in New York, I’m learning tech support and post-production operation from the film industries seasoned veterans. It only makes me more anxious and humble to receive the gems given to me by the artists at Harbor Picture Company.

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