Friday, February 7, 2014

Carolina Londono: Artist Statement

I live for sublime, evanescent moments and feelings... Those that are naturally occurring, like the seconds while a wave is in peak and held in suspension right before its ripples begin to slowly unfold, then violently crash down... The seconds when your gut tells you a storm is approaching,  gray clouds begin to form in the sky and a scent of humidity fills the air right before the droplets hit your face... As well as those that are deeply felt with the heart, mind, and soul that aren't quite tangible... like knowing that laugh or silent, deep gaze you are sharing with Mr/Mrs."Right Now", couldn't ever get any sweeter than that because deep down, your intuition tells you you two won't ever be as connected or in synch with one another ever again... Moments and feelings that are dream-like, make you feel like time is temporarily held still, that invoke a sense of yearning, melancholy, happiness,  but simultaneously make your heart and belly feel like they're sinking... These are the moments and experiences that inspire me most. Although I don't have a particular vehicle of choice to deliver my message, I love being able to have so many options that those energetically and emotionally pulled into my artwork can relate to. I am fortunate enough to have felt like I've never "fit in", my dream states have always been vivid, and I have always felt extremely empathetic toward most just by looking through their eyes. I've experience a great deal of pain , an abundance of highs and lows, have encountered people in high places, and learned from those I should've stayed away from the most. Now I understand it's because my life mission is to help others and the world in every way I can. Having the opportunity to volunteer and spend time with elderly and children, I've gained a unique perspective on life and how the Universe works around us, through us, and the divine connection we have with one another and all we are surrounded by. I love exploring and holding on to moments and experiences that most take for granted, or avoid because it causes a sort of uncomfortable happiness and sadness all at once. I absolutely love films and art that nearly take your breathe away, confuse you, make you think outside the box... I love everything and anything by David Lynch ("Mulholland Drive", "Blue Velvet"), Christopher Nolan's films such as "Memento", "Inception", Quentin Tarantino's classic "Pulp Fiction", Baz Luhrmann's sense of aesthetic... their style is unique and incredibly appealing to me, and the art they have blessed us with materializes many of the thoughts, feelings, and notions that are often difficult to put into words. Wherever my art takes me, I hope it inspires people to view life through a different, sublime, magical, dreamlike lens.

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