Friday, February 7, 2014

Rebecca Wang Artist Statement

Compare to wordy blogging, I would rather have couple short sentences to back up my visual image. I took photography and graphic design classes the year before, and I really like it. Even though I am not professional in both photography and graphic design areas, I have passion to learn more in order to tell my story better through visual images. 
Humans of New York is the blog I really love and go on everyday. Brandon, the blogger of Humans of New York, inspires me a lot. By seeing his biography and artist statement, I realized how simple pictures can brings, but really he is just a photographer who is passion about peoples' lives. The way he records the moment may means a lot to large group of people, this is how amazing that a simple visual image can effects. 
Instead of recording others' lives to touched people, I choose to make my work more interactive and beneficial to my viewers. I hope the viewers find my blog useful and interesting in the same time. How am I going to do that? I want to share my personal interests on my blog it will be the restaurants I discover, the fun places I go, and the reviews of them. With few words and couples pictures, that's all. The special part of this blog is that not only targeting the people who speak English but also Asian people who know Chinese, who lives here or travels here. I would like to write a paragraph in Chinese in the end just to help the visitors or people who is not good at English. I want to provide least in formations to them, since I have been living here for almost 3 years. Just like every other people, I sometimes don't know where to go, and where to eat. Rather than using yelp, which full of fake reviews, I prefer to read a non-profit blog with true thoughts. I want to provide that on my blog, sharing my life to people and hope they find it beneficial and interesting.

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