Thursday, February 20, 2014

Joshua Makower-Brown's Artist Statement

When I take photographs, I like to imagine the world from a different prospective. Mainly, I enjoy focusing on how the object or scenery would look to an insect or otherwise non-human object. To accomplish this, my photographs often display different angles, foci, colors, filters, etc. This allows the viewer to continuously question the idea of subjectivity, enforcing the fact that every living creature sees every situation from a different point of view.
After being inspired by my grandfather's work, I decided to take on the challenge of photography for myself. While he took photographs of large-scale objects, I decided to narrow my focus on the little pieces that make up a whole.
My focus of looking at things from different perspectives is ever growing. I have grown to enjoy thinking of inanimate objects of having both memories and voices to tell them. For example, I like to imagine what types of stories a tree would tell based on what it has seen throughout its lifetime.

My interest in subjectivity and little pieces coming together has made me decide to try to make a documentary about my life as a summer camp counselor in the upcoming summer. In it, I plan to feature interviews of other staff members and how they answer the same questions. The variety in answers as well as possible multiple-camera shooting will hopefully help me capture the differences in everyone’s experiences, and how all of the experiences came together to make a summer’s worth of memories.

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