Friday, February 7, 2014

Artist Statement

I want to take and edit photos, which are thought provoking. For me, a photo has the potential to make people view the world in a different light. I plan to use images to move people. I admire photos that are taken in challenging locations. Many of the greatest photos result in the photographer going to great lengths and risks in order to obtain such photos. I know of a man who traveled to the very top of a mountain in Montenegro in order to take a photo. He traveled to the tallest mountain in the area and sat off the ledge in order to get a photo of the entire valley from above.
Nothing is perfect in reality. I believe that through the manipulation of digital photos it is possible to create a image of a perfect landscape. The majority of my photos will be in a urban setting. My work will display scenarios, which are rarely seen through the eyes of the average person. Timing is a key aspect in photos taken in public. The best photos are of people who are unaware the photo is being taken. It is difficult to position many moving objects in a specific manner to express a natural looking image. I plan to capture images which contain many moving parts in the moment.

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