Thursday, February 6, 2014

Shafat Chowdhury-Artist Statement

The work in which I have been involved in is built on the idea of exposing what we don’t know or see. Whether it’s the dissection of a popular advertisement from some cosmetics company with subliminal messaging or a report on the corruption in a European sports federation, I feel as though any work I do should demand me looking into a perspective that diverges from the norm. Some may regard this as being “anti-mainstream” but I believe that every of way of seeing is also a way of not seeing.

For me to be content with my work, I must create something that not only shares an unusual outlook but also something that I’m passionate about. Whenever something that pertains to media is being produced, it must be approached with vigor and ardor in order for a meaning to be found. Otherwise, it is just mindless drone work set out to discover an already familiar approach to matters. This ideology of working passionately on the untold and unknown serves as the backbone for all my work in media. It's the constant search for truth and purity in art that drives my hunger to pursue a career in media, more specifically, in journalism.

Some may ask why it is that I wish to discover the uncharted ideas and angles that others consider to be outlandish. Well, it’s simple; too often, we are content with what is simply presented to us. We do not question it, we do not care about it, and we are just happy to move on. But that’s not the way media is supposed to be. Producing media isn’t just an art-form, it’s a language. It’s a way for people to connect.

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