Friday, February 7, 2014

Deanita Redwood's Artist Statement

As an artist, I've often seen myself as one of many mediums or any I can get

my hands on and learn how to use. I love all senses of art from graphic design

to graffiti from animation to fine art. Personally, I haven't dabbled in all the art

that I have come to appreciate. I have worked on my graphic design skills for

about two years in high school as a major. I’ve been mentored in the graphic

design industry by a now creative director of a design company, The O Group.

I majored in illustration for a year in my technical art high school as well. I can

be found doodling on the side of my notes and writing down ideas for projects

almost daily. I love using color in my works. In the past I never thought there

was enough color in a piece. Now that I have matured more, I tend to balance

my pop of colors rather than overwhelm without being a minimalist. Animation

is probably my favorite type of art because I feel it is limitless in what it can

be used for and what audiences it can reach. I would love to work more on

advertising/graphic design as well as cartoons and animation. I hope to one

day incorporate these skills into a career for television and for writing graphic

novels. I have many aspirations for the future and I'm still unsure of where I

will end up but I know that art will be apart of it, as it is a part of me.

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