Thursday, February 6, 2014

Artist Statement- Keiko Yara

I believe in order to live in a world without war, we have to accept the cultures and beliefs of others. There are many beautiful cultures worth exploring as well as many breath taking views created by nature. Each one of us deserves a chance to explore and gain an understanding of these cultures and wonders of the world, if at least through the point of view of a lens.

My mission is to explore every inch of this planet while documenting my adventures and sharing them with as many people as possible. I like to think that I can share my adventures through a blog containing photographs and video diaries. I am drawn to the beautiful quirks that occur spontaneously. You never know what the universe will throw in your direction and that is why I love to travel to places I have never been before. So far I have been lucky enough to travel to a few countries and I am hoping that I will have the opportunity to travel to a few more countries in the near future. Here I have some pictures from my travels to London and Lima, Peru.  

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