Friday, February 21, 2014

Welcome to Club Wala

I'm at a stage in my life when people are always asking me, "So what do you want to do?". The reply    I give is usually a polite, "I'm not quite sure yet" but the real answer is "SO much". I'm about to graduate college with a media studies degree, but in my  heart and soul I consider myself to be an artist.

My earliest memories are of myself as a toddler scribbling on my parents' apartment walls with Crayola crayons. After that incident they made sure there was always extra paper lying around for me to draw on. Scribbles became doodles, and doodles evolved to real artwork. I would make little story books by writing on each illustrated page and them stapling them all together at the side so I (and all the people who I imagined would be reading them) could flip through them like real books. 

Then I started designing. I became fascinated with fashion and would draw all kinds of outfits all day long.

When I was just four years old, my parents enrolled me in private piano lessons and that only made me even more intrigued with the world of creativity and artistry. Soon after I asked to also take private voice lessons and again, I fell in love with this new way of expressing myself and my creativity through this art form. Singing and piano lessons naturally transitioned into song writing -- my poetry, my inner most thoughts, my therapy.

I'm inspired every day, by all sorts of different things, people, places, foods, life circumstances. I'm fueled by the pure desire to express myself, my imagination and my  desires. 

Some may say that being an artist is a very risky chance to take, but for me it's the only thing I have confidence in. It's the only thing that brings me such pure joy and fulfillment. Music is my boyfriend. Art is my lover. This life is my experience. The work I produce is a way of communicating my ideas and experiences  to others. 

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