Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Artist Statement-Stevie Borrello

I believe that the fullest life is one dedicated to creating a better society. All individuals have their own special talents or abilities that they use to impact and benefit humanity. I have found that I create the most influence towards others through the use of media, particularly film.

Our media corporations feed off of what society wants to see in the news and not what they need to know. My work is driven by the need for societal awareness on issues that are unbeknownst to many citizens, especially in the topic of female oppression. Just as I was greatly influenced by a novel, written about the culture in Afghanistan and the poor treatment of women, I want to impact people in the same way so that they might take action to create a better world.

I find my voice and passion through documentaries, which expose the truth in ways that are censored by most newspapers and broadcasting companies. My documentaries look into situations on a personal level, whether that be illustrating how the first amendment affects individuals in completely different ways or by showing how a mythical sport makes someone feel alive. While not every single piece of my work will be a severe or heavy topic, each one has some sort of message influencing viewers to change how they view society and their own lives.

Below is a photo of the novel that inspired me to pursue journalism and sparked my lifelong goal to impact others.

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