Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Blog #3: MOMI reaction_Jessica Granato

The trip to MOMI was great! It was not my first time there, but they did have a few new exhibits. I volunteered myself in the demonstration for the voice-over recording. Our ground chose to dub over Jack Black’s character in School of Rock, during the part when we recites his version of the pledge to the students. We learned that voice-overs are used a lot, to perfect the sound or re-do when errors occur, in post-production. This department of post-production is very crucial, and it is very important to get volume and accuracy of matching both the actor’s mouth and the recorded voice to be spot on. When participating in this voice-over, I learned the matching aspect is actually pretty hard to perfect, and requires a lot of takes. In addition to this, I really enjoyed checking out the original TV’s. I’ve always thought the history of the television was pretty interesting, and seeing these original devices in person was particularly exciting. It was really interesting to learn the history of the design of the TV. Makers such as GM, who at the time was more known for their washer and dryers, ovens, and other household appliances, wanted to get into the booming TV business quickly, so they used the bodies of these appliances and turned them into televisions. This style may have also been chosen to attract housewives, to make the transition of having a television in the home a familiar one. Although our group never checked out the Jim Campbell exhibit, I ventured off on my own, and was really impressed with his use of light as art and to describe emotion.

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