Thursday, April 10, 2014

Museum of Moving Image in all its Grander

My first visit to the Museum of Moving Image

My favorite exhibition after making my pilgrimage to Astoria, Queens would have to be “The Reaction Gif” exhibition. Me being a freelance photographer I recognized a lot of the amazing Gifs that have influenced my love for motion picture. All the Gifs had an excerpt explanation of what the image was. Each Gif had some relation to hip hop and pop-culture that I can identify with; it featured stars like SNL Tina Fey, Michael Jackson, and the extremely talented goddess Jennifer Lawrence. The animated Gif is the communication of motion picture that speaks to the audience, we had the lecture in class about the Soviets contribution to film post-production montage would un-doubtedly be its daughter giving birth to numerous animation with limitless possibilities of entertainment due to social media.

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