Friday, April 11, 2014

MOMI Visit - Kristina Garcia

I never really thought I would visit the Museum of the Moving Image, for some reason I thought it would be very technical and dull. However, once our tour of the MOMI started, I knew I was wrong. I ended up loving the museum, I enjoyed how interactive and engaging everything was. The wide variety of different exhibits showcasing the multiple aspects of movie production was also surprising and interesting to learn about.

One of my favorite parts of the museum was the Automated Dialogue Replacement. I didn't know that almost every film records dialogue separately from filming the visuals. It really shows just how much work and effort is put into every scene of a movie, then the editing process is also affected, since the dialogue has to be set perfectly to the visuals. Getting to play around with that technology and trying it out for ourselves was awesome, especially getting to do it with one of my favorite movies, The School of Rock.

Another part of the museum that I really enjoyed was getting to see all the old models of cameras, up to the modern ones we use today. Seeing how we went from using a wooden enclosed camera, which was extremely dangerous considering how hot the camera gets, to the highly sophisticated cameras we use now was interesting. Relatedly, seeing the very old models of televisions was cool as well. Our tour guide also mentioned a theory that some of the older models of televisions looked like other household appliances (like ovens, washing machines), because they would appeal more to women, who were the ones home during the day and could watch TV, so they would sell more TVs.

Overall, I would definitely recommend anyone with an interest in media to check out the MOMI, it's has something for everyone: from camera models, to audio production, to film makeup and vide games. It really was an interesting place.

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