Monday, April 7, 2014

Sound Walk - Korina Serrano

The area in which I live does not know the terms peace and quiet. Even if one isn't directly outside, the sounds of strangers still seep through the thin cracks of apartment windows. As I step outside the first sound immediately heard is of a basketball bouncing along the concrete floor. The people surrounding the basketball have changed their language around the sport in the form of grunts, cheers, and yells. Every time the opposing teams come in closer physical contact, the slam of hard matter is emitted.

 As I travel along the sidewalk, the sound of footsteps distinguishes themselves from the way strangers walk to their foot wear. Those that emit a barely detectable sound, wear heel-less shoes such as flats, loafers, boots, or sneakers. Any shoe that sends a click-clack sound to my ears derives from a heeled shoe. For those that run in a hurry, heavy breathing entails their rush.

 The barks of dogs and the collision of chains pertaining to their leash are in the background. The meows of homeless cats ring loud and clear as they venture off to find shelter or a source of food. Sirens signal a warning that at first is believed to be far away, but it keeps getting louder.

 From the mouths of strangers, no one emits the same sounds. I hear laughter, anger, anguish, sarcasm, etc. The call to buy and spend is announced from the top of sellers’ lungs. All that is to be bought sounds like shaved ice, boiling hot dogs, and the grilling of meats and vegetables. The aforementioned sounds are of release – of steam, of air, of water.

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