Thursday, April 3, 2014

SOUND WALK!!! Melissa Romagnuolo

I live on a quiet Island so I actually had to listen closely to everything. On my way to school I hear nothing but the sound of my feet scrapping the concrete beneath me. The wind blew and created a rustling sound within the trees. It was very early so it was like I was the only un-natural sound on my dead end street. As I get close to a cross street I began to hear the faint hum of cars. I finally reach the busy street, all I hear is screeching, and honking. I walk up to the bus stop and random peoples conversation at the other bus stop fills my ears. I can't make out what they are really saying, so it sounds like a whisper or a mumble. A woman walks toward me from behind and her jacket rustles and sounds like a bag of potatoes chips crumpling. The further she walks away from me the more faint the sound is. I'm suddenly distracted by the bus screeching toward me as it slows down and stops abruptly, seizing the screeching sound. The bus sounds like it relieves a sigh and lets out air from its lungs. The doors screeches open and seizes just as the bus itself did. I grab the rail and my rings clink against the metal. I rummage through my pocket of random receipts and it sounds like the ladies jacket from earlier. I find my Metro card and place it in the slot. The machine beeps at me in acceptance and I find a seat on the lonely silent bus.

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