Friday, April 25, 2014

MOMI Visit

During the trip to the Museum of the Moving Image, there were plenty of interesting items and examples on display. One of the displays that was interesting was the display of the baseball game, and how many different camera angles are used during a single game, and how quickly someone has to decide when to switch in order to get the best view possible for the viewers at home.
When filming action shots for a film, a director may set up as many as five camera angles in order to get the correct, desired shot. This is especially helpful in the editing process, when an editor can put several shots together to get a more dramatic view of the action shot.  
The television broadcast of the baseball game is very similar, although arguably much harder. This is because the action is live, and there is no time to edit what the cameras have caught. Sometimes a split-second decision needs to be made. On top of this is the liability of the physical cameramen to do his or her job of following the action correctly. In todays world of sports, there is always a camera right on the action, but choosing which of the almost twenty cameras to show to millions of viewers is a task needing quick thinkers to fulfill. This task will become especially important this year, with the implementation of the new instant replay rules. It will now be absolutely crucial for both television crews to capture the right angle, in case an umpire needs to review the call.

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