Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blog #3 - MOMI Visit

Visiting the Museum of Moving Images was a nice treat considering I live in the neighborhood (so I didn't have to go all the way to Hunter) and it's my favorite museum to go to (not just in the city, but my favorite museum EVER). I've been going there for years, so in that respect I can't say that I really learned anything 'new' on the little guided tour. However I did enjoy the Jim Campbell exhibit about perception afterwards. I think that it probably would've fit in with the 'media' theme. It involves sight and seeing and hearing, it's kind of really awesome. It's an experience in itself. MOMI is nice and all on its own, but with it's film covered walls and no windows I never really want to leave and then when I do leave I don't want to be in New York City cause there's nothing really here anymore movie-wise compared to Hollywood. Being at MOMI makes me nostalgic for things that I could've never experienced. Nonetheless, it's the bittersweet things in life that really make you reflect, so alas it serves a purpose and that's what really counts.

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