Friday, April 11, 2014

MOMI Visit

Our trip to the Museum of Moving Image was as entertaining as it was informative. The tour the class was lead on, made sure to teach while using interesting examples to keep the crowd's attention. The entire museum was an interactive learning experience, as each floor had creative displays that showed aspects of film through history. One of the most informative parts of the trip, was the tour guide explaining the importance of sound in a film and the job of a foley artist. A foley artist creates sounds with objects to try and fit the image (for example: a chair with a sack of potatoes inside being pushed over represents a person falling over and tripping visually in the film Titianic). The tour allowed us to see the famous movie without certain sounds making for a comical experience seeing the sounds the actors have to recreate in order to make a sufficient sound for the film. Some other interesting exhibits were the make-up exhibits, viewing very realistic wounds on legs and facial molds for movies such as The Mask or Mrs. Doubtfire. The amount of layers and precision put into each piece just so that it can appear realistic is phenomenal. As an audience member, you would never even suspect that anything wasn't real but it gave me a better sense of what creators want audience members to feel. Not only do they not want audience members to be drawn out of the experience of the film but they also want the audience to feel a part of the action as if they can really meet and speak with the characters that couldn't exist without the make up.
I would definitely return to this museum as it has several exhibits I'd like to spend more time with. The gaming exhibit most definitely since they had systems, even I hadn't heard of existing with simplistic ping-pong pixel games. I love how you can come into the museum and get a sense of how the present media industry came to be, with different types of cameras, old school gaming systems and even a recreated ancient Egyptian theatre (that the tour passed by, but my friend and I snooped around).

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