Friday, April 25, 2014

Blog #4- Maya Shor

The video I chose is of Buzz lightyear attempting to defeat Zurg from Toy Story 2

Although this is a clip from an animated movie, there are still interesting angles and different shots used in order to draw in the audience's attention. The scene opens with a medium shot of Buzz flying through the air and then cuts to a close up of his face and his hand out in a superman like position. The camera then switches between close up shots of Buzz flying and his POV shot of the clouds and sky he is flying through. The camera switches back and forth between close up of his face and his POV which adds to the fast paced urgency of the scene ahead.
The POV shots are very important because this is a children's movie and little children love Buzz because he glides through the air. The POV shot allows the child to see the flight pattern and pretend that they are Buzz Lightyear flying through space to defeat his arch nemesis.
In the middle of the clip, the camera pulls out and uses long shots to show Buzz in a new alien environment. Buzz is a small figure in the middle of a crater-filled planet. Even in an animated film, it is important to show a sense of environment, and get a feel for the relationship between the person and the natural surroundings.
The color in this clip is also important to mention because the colors on Buzz are very vibrant whereas his surroundings are a muddy brown color which creates a sense of emphasis on the figure. Later on in the clip, Buzz finds himself trapped in the dark and his suit lights up neon green which creates a stark contrast to the black background. Throughout the clip Buzz is embellished with bright colors, even his laser is bright red! Eventually when he meets Zurg, who is dressed in a rich purple the two are brightly clothed so that there is emphasis on the fight scene. Our eyes are drawn to the bright rich colors that the characters are wearing which focuses our attention to their ultimate fight scene!
Unfortunately Buzz is defeated and the scene ends with a close up of Zurg laughing an evil laugh!

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