Thursday, April 3, 2014

Blog #3(trip to MOMI)--Zehui Liu

To me, the trip to the Museum of Moving Image must be unforgettable and awesome! Since this is my first time visiting the museum, I could absorb numerous stuff that I haven’t experienced before and at the same time further my studies in media. Inside the museum I saw numerous photos of many famous actress and actors in the old times and see what are their major works. Followed by that I saw the “fake” legs made for the famous movie “Black Swan”, they made the legs look so real that I can even see some of the details, this is how I feel interested mainly about the “behind the scenes” of the film just so I could discover more surprises on how people use technologies or other kinds of way to make something which approaches to the real stuff. There were also many “vintage” stuffs like cameras and costumes so that we could have general understanding about the history of the films, cameras, tv and so on. The zoetrope and thaumatrope marked the starting point of the moving image, the other interesting was the room that shows total different moving image before and after. When the lights were on we didn’t see anything special just objects were spinning but when the lights are turned off all the sudden we see several faucets are dripping. Moving on, the educator showed us the scene in “Titanic” with editing the background music or rip off the sound effects to see the difference. The other interesting thing which stood to me is when we are watching the backstage of tv station when they are doing the live. That gives me the benefit of seeing the entire process of live report and its really surprising to see the director is the only one who is speaking all the time and telling other people to switch to different cameras so that the audience can see different angles of the shots. After all, I think this experience definitely helps me in understanding more about the media production and many stuff are behind the scenes that you don’t know about.

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