Thursday, April 3, 2014

Momi Field trip refection blog

This is my first time visiting Museum of Moving Image. It was such a great trip, I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. The exhibition is called Behind the scene, which is the pre-production, posted production process of a film. First we were introducing to the autograph of movie stars in the history, then the mask made actually for the actor, the original screenplay, the production design, the costume, the silent film- Great Train Robbery, the early video game, old projector, flipbook, sound editing, film cameras, lighting, live in sports game, and the dummy used to replace actors in different ways. I personally like the sound editing section, it is very interesting when everything breaks down, and how it adds together make the scene convincble. It's really hard to imagine the work that foley artist puts in, the example we saw is the scene in Taitanic, which the big chimney falling sound was actually an elephant sound. I finally understand how important audio is to the video, and all the diegetic, non diegetic sound which can helps build up the scene more visually. The other interesting thing is the live for sports game, it is amazing that there are lots of camera that's recording and the director has to keep communicate with each of them, then it become the actual game we see on the TV. Behind the scene is a lot of works, and also very important, because it determines how the works is going to turn out. I learned a lot from this field trip. I might visit it another time when I am free!

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