Thursday, April 3, 2014

Museum of Moving Images Response-Blog #3

Blog #3

My visit to the Museum of Moving Images (MOMI) was interesting particularly for the reason that it focuses on a topic not touched upon too much in terms of other museums I’ve visited; the subject of film and media production. Whereas most museums are centralized around history, MOMI offered me a way to explore the history of video. In addition, the visit to MOMI gave a refreshed perspective as the exhibits there reveal techniques that go on behind-the-scenes, ones that usually go missing to the naked eye.

The most telling examples of MOMI’s unique exhibits was the dissection of sound for the film Titanic in addition to the special effects that were used for Freddy Kruger’s battle with soul. Firstly, the Titanic display exemplified the parts of production that aren’t widely prominent, which is the creation of sound to synchronize with film. The layering of sounds is integral so that the audio can harmonize with video. All these exhibits really epitomize the famous words of philosopher Kenneth Burke; that every way of seeing is also a way of not seeing.

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